Here and Now

May 4 2016 Powerfull call by Bill Mac Kibben ( co-funder) for everyone of us to get involved in civil disobedience against fossil fuel extraction.


As Rajendra Pachauri, president of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said in at the Climate Change Communication Forum  in Cancun, Mexico in December 2010, "Climate change and its impacts are not something in the future. They are here and now".

July 14 2014  Miami prend la marée et ses élites le nientVery interesting article in Guardian, perfect example of denial in progress. Miami drowning is the perfect example of what to avoid. For those, like me, living in Bordeaux, we have the same problems, with lot of building projects and a low lying nuclear plant.



February 10 2013 While USA are under succession of extreme weathers, this cartoon published in Climate Progress:


The year 2010 certainly demonstrated this "Here and Now", rivalling 2005 as the warmest year on record, and also the year most disturbed by climate disasters in France and the world; you can see this in the photo gallery here. 

In France, it began with the passage of tempest Xynthia during the night of February 28th, bringing with it a rise in sea level of 1 to 2 meters (exactly what we can expect every day in 2100 due to the melting of the Greenland ice, according to James Hansen).

March 1, 2010: in La Faute sur Mer (Vendée, France)

The coastal road was destroyed too:


Two days later, bikes are operational well before cars.

March 11, 2010. This is the first cyclone ever observed in the South Atlantic (view from NASA satellite off the coast of Brazil).


June 15, 2010: exceptional rainfall and catastrophic flooding in Dragignan. Here is the river Artuby the next day (photo AFP).

More than 20 people were drowned.


Happily, a billboard still urges us to live out our desires (VIVEZ VOS ENVIES !) – even if these desires are destroying us!

June 5, 2010. Major floods in May and June in Poland. Factories were forced to close down. This railroad bridge was swept away

July 2010. Russia suffers heat waves, drought and huge forest fires. It is forced to cease its wheat exports, causing the world price of wheat to skyrocket.


August 15, 2010. The chaotic climate makes the New York Times front page.

August 2010. Exceptional floods in Pakistan. 20% of the land is under water – a situation previously unknown to such a degree.

Photo from the newspaper Le Monde.

Bringing emergency supplies (photo AP/Khalid Tanveer).

August 17, 2010: The Peterman glacier in the north of Greenland loses a  350 km2 chunk which breaks off into the sea, due to the warming of the glacial ocean. It's a (bad) surprise to see that the "calving" of icebergs is accelerating and, therefore, so is the melting of the Greenland glaciers (satellite view).


August 19, 2010. Floods in southern China. Luckily, although this train is in a lot of trouble, there were no victims in this case (photo STR/AFP/Getty Images ).

September 15, 2010. For the second time in history, two hurricanes are seen at the same time above the North Atlantic (photo by NASA).


September 19, 2010. Photo of the Arctic sea ice. It has not reached the record minimum of 2007. Its 2009 minimum is on par with that of 2008. ((image NSIDC et NASA).

A comparison of the sea ice minimum of 2007 (gray plus black areas) with that of 2010 (white plus gray areas). This image shows that in  2010 the North East Passage (by way of Asia) and the North West Passage were open, unlike in 2007. This summer, a sailboat succeeded for the first time in circumnavigating the north pole.


October 28, 2010. Record depression in North America (955 mb) resulting in torrential rains in Minnesota ((photo by NASA).


December 5, 2010. Exceptional forest fires in Israel (5 million trees destroyed) following a long heat wave.

Israel was able to extinguish the murderous fires WITH THE HELP of its neighboring countries. At the funeral of a young firement, Shimon Peres declared, "On this land, Jews, Arabs and Druze share the same destiny." Might this be a new vision of who the enemy is, whether our neighbor or CO2?

December 2010. The Climate Action Network (CAN) denounces french corporations like Lafarge and Suez GDF which finance American senators who deny climate change.

Lafarge and GDF Suez finance those who refuse to act against climate change in the USA, while, in Europe, Lafarge and GDF Suez advance the USA's failure to act to justify Europe's passivity. And meanwhile, the General Management scrupulously signs ethical charters! Who do they think they're fooling? How long will we wait for a public apology?

End of December 2010, to continue into 2011 with "biblical" floods (to quote a regional official) in Queensland, Australia.


Happy New Year 2011?

 Looking over this summary, it's no surprise to learn that 2010 is also the record year for the amount of precipitation. 2010 is also the year of climate disruption. The warming of the atmosphere results in moving more moisture about and storing up more energy. This explains the proliferation of extreme events in 2010. Global climate warming is HERE and NOW. It's up to each of us to do something about it.  JOIN TACA:
Together, we can turn back the course of events.